Sudhanshu Palsule


As a CEO and executive advisor, Sudhanshu helps leaders improve their impact and influence in the way they communicate, act and behave. He does this by helping them look objectively at themselves and focus on enhancing the quality of their self-ware. His three question agenda, "Why am I here?", "What do I want to create?', and "What keeps getting in my way?", has helped several CEO's and executive teams create breakthroughs in the way they leverage the power of their self-ware. He works with them to help them construct productive CABs (conversations, actions, behaviors) for impact.

Sudhanshu also regularly consults to several organizations all over the world in the areas of top talent management, leadership, and developing global leadership strategies.

To learn more about Sudhanshu’s consulting and coaching services, please contact him.


"If you don't know who you are and where you are going, running faster won’t get you there. Moreover you will find yourself running alone"