Sudhanshu Palsule



"The Social Leader: Redefining Leadership for a Complex, Social Age", with Frank Guglielmo, Bibliomotion New York, September 2014




Managing in Four Worlds
(Co-author Ronnie Lessem)
Blackwell, 1997, 2000, 2005

My first book with Ronnie was the result of extraordinary collaborative work between us. The book is more than a decade old, yet the idea of Four Worlds is hugely relevant, and we still have enthusiastic readers writing to us. The idea is simple: the four directions of the earth are more than just geographical locations: they provide us with a dynamic framework for transforming both ourselves and our organizations. 


"Imagine you have an operating system that drives every choice you make, every action you take, and everything you communicate to the world. This is what constitutes your self-ware. It is made up of four things: your thoughts, your feelings,  your beliefs, and your self-representation."


From Management Education to Civic Reconstruction – The Emerging Ecology of Organizations
(Co-author Ronnie Lessem)
Routledge, 1999

This book provides an analysis of the manner in which a combination of diverse, culturally-based approaches are implicitly and explicitly built into the development of a business or organization. We have addressed key issues at the forefront of developmental management and demonstrated methods whereby principles of ecology can be applied to different stages of organizational development at both the local and global levels.


Personal Growth African Style
(Co-authors Barbara Nussbaum, Velaphi Mkhize)
Penguin Books, 2010

Personal Growth takes an approach to leadership which offers a path to personal development, dealing with leadership as a process of self-discovery and a journey to the centre of oneself and one’s origins. It inspires leadership through the individual’s reclaiming his or her wholeness as a human being, as an African, as a global citizen. It seeks to regenerate and ignite the less tangible aspects of leadership: those