Sudhanshu Palsule


Face to Face

BRAIN MAPPING THE LEADER: A discussion on how modern research on the brain throws new light on leadership behaviour, the importance of psychological interventions for developing leadership qualities, and more. Read the full article

Scenic Route to Leadership

India at the end of 1970s: Sudhanshu Palsule goes to a talk given by Jiddu Krishnamurti. “He taught me to understand the power of awareness and the beauty of a still mind,” says Palsule, who never forgets his walk with the renowned Indian philosopher. “Every few minutes he would stop and show me something I had not noticed … be it a bird, or a flower.” Read the full article

FATKA December 2008

Osaatko toimia kaikissa ilmansuunnissa? Sudhanshu Palsule kertoo, miten globaali johtaja toimii......more



"If you want to understand one leadership secret, try this: leadership is about looking at the world through your eyes while simultaneoulsy looking at yourself through the eyes of the others."